Teenys On The Move

Teenys On The Move



My Teeny is 8 months old and very recently mastered the art of crawling. A few days later he learnt to stand up against furniture. Hooray! two milestones in one week, I cannot tell you how proud I was, my Teeny is growing up so quickly!...

Then came the realisation.. my little explorer is not going to stay still for even a second, not even to change a dirty nappy! The simple task of nappy changing very quickly became a game- of course, my Teeny finds this whole activity hilarious and loves to twist, turn and if i'm not quick enough, crawl off! I must admit, at first I thought it was adorable. We're now a few weeks in, and I'm genuinely contemplating getting a changing table that will strap this little monkey down! He also likes a good wriggle before settling for his nap, thankfully his sleep bag keeps him put, without it he'd be peeking over the side of the cot.

We've experienced our first lot of bumps too, hes in such a hurry to get places! the first big bump was quite an experience, he got over it after a few minutes but it literally stayed with me all day. I very quickly learnt it would be one of many, Thankfully he has worked out its much better to land on your bum over your face.

With all this said, I am really enjoying seeing his personality shine through and even though the workload has trebled... no truth be told, quadrupled! His cheekiness continues to be the highlight of my day.

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