Baby number 2;  the First Trimester

Baby number 2; the First Trimester

We're excited to announce that our Teenytot Family is growing. We are expecting baby number 2 at the end of March and are so excited- as well as a tiny nervous, to be joining the two under 2 club :) We've been very quiet since finding out this great news. I've had to listen to my body through what can only be described as the longest 1st Trimester ever! and had to take a firm step back. Thank you to those lovely folk that have checked in- YES, we are still here! 

This first trimester has honestly sucker punched me to the ground and made my previous pregnancy seem like a blissful walk in the park. How can it feel so different? This time round I've experienced severe sickness, fatigue and have had to take cat naps throughout the day to get by and even still needed to be in bed by 10pm. In between I've been juggling away, being mum/wife, packing orders and reserving JUST enough energy to scrape by and hold down my part time job as a retail manager. I remember becoming a mum and having a HUGE admiration for parents with more than one child, I now see pregnant mamas and their mini tribe and am in absolute ore, how do they do it I wonder??? I'm guessing you find the magic inside you to somehow power through! Cameron surprisingly has helped me get by, he's had his moments, oh believe me he has - hello toddler tantrums! (Such great timing! I saw a whole new side of my ' little angel' just weeks after learning about #2) but he's also pushed me to push myself to get out of the house and fit in an occasional much needed adventure and the fresh air genuinely has done us both good.

One of the strangest things I've had to get used to is my sickness was triggered by my two major life vices.


And it has taken some serious getting used to, there was a time when even the mere thought of a coffee would have me heaving and the smell would be enough to have me running to the bathroom (hence why I had to lock off Instagram, you inspirational Mamas and Papa LOVE your coffee). Its an amazingly impossible thing to avoid in the work place by the way, I'm now thankfully now at a point where I can tolerate the smell in very short spurts, I was lucky enough to be able to confide in my colleagues about my sickness before making an official announcement but in all fairness, with all the will in the world, I wouldn't have been able to keep it under my hat for long.

Now, for those of you who know me, I have a serious! addiction to chocolate and unashamedly love to indulge in a treat every day... I've spent my whole life trying to give it up only to never succeed, so for me this has been a huge adjustment. So much so, i forget I can't stand it anymore! I've innocently ordered a pain-au-chocolat only to realise its not for me as soon as it hits my nose, I've gone for lunch with a friend and ordered a hot chocolate only to leave it untouched- sprinkles, whipped cream and all- seriously tragic stuff! 

The journey so far has been a bit bumpy and as I head into week 19 with my over active toddler I think I am starting to see the light. I'm getting my appetite back, can brush my teeth without heaving all the way through and EVEN my husband has (lovingly?)stopped referring to me as a Zombie. With this renewed energy I am looking forward to taking hold of Teenytot Living again and getting ready for Christmas! We would love to hear about how your pregnancies have differed and any tips you have on being pregnant with a toddler are most welcome. Please add your comments below and check in on our blog as I keep you posted on my journey.


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