Welcome to the world - Two under two

Welcome to the world - Two under two

How has it already been 4 week since I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Sienna? We welcomed her into the world 5 days after her due date at 5.30am on the 6th April. Time certainly has not stood still since this moment, it has been go, go, go and all the while both littles seem to be growing at a rapid pace. I remember when Cameron was born looking forward to hearing him say his first word, seeing him sit up, walk... etc. With Sienna it is so very different. Every time I see another outfit outgrown, I feel a huge sense of sadness knowing this may be the last time we experience this baby stage again. I want to enjoy every moment this time.. which can be lets say... challenging at times when your toddler is demanding absolute full attention for alot of the day.

Cameron was 1yr and 9month old when Sienna was born and is having a difficult time getting used to his little sister being around. He still barely looks at her and is getting jealous very easily- even with double the attention from everyone! whenever she is too close to him he tells us he "don't want it"  ... Alongside his jealous rages, lately, he has well and truly shown us what terrible twos is all about. He has battled us with sleeping, eating, had tantrums like i've never seen him have before- thankfully this is starting to mellow down and we are seeing much more of our lovely Cameron again and thank goodness! for that.

I am very sure that Cameron will soon warm to Sienna and be an amazing big brother as well as her best friend. We will keep you updated on how their relationship blossoms.




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